Life coaching for women


Discover Our Inspiring Journey: Unveiling the Heart of LifeBoss Coaching

Life coaching for women

contact usLifeBoss Coaching lies an insatiable passion for empowering individuals to become the epitome of their best selves. With an unwavering belief in their potential, we endeavor to inspire transformative changes. We catalyzing a profound sense of empowerment in those we guide on their path to self-mastery.

Furthermore, as agents of transformation, we find immeasurable gratification in witnessing the metamorphosis of lives. As individuals seize control and truly become the master of their destinies.

See now life coaching for women.

However, If you stand prepared to embark on a quest for self-discovery and boundless growth, let LifeBoss Coaching be your steadfast guide.

As a coach, she received training from ‘Centre for Professional and Personal Development’.

Additionally, she studied Faster EFT with its creator, Robert G Smith

Our founder established LifeBoss Coaching, driven by a passion to “do what she loves”.

Empowering You to Take Control

Let LifeBoss Coaching guide you towards realizing your full potential. Additionally, take the first step towards being the best version of yourself and embrace positive changes today!

life coaching for womenWelcome! I founded LifeBoss Coaching in 2015 having had a long and successful career both in the private and public sector. My work experience is varied and ranges from working with the United Nations in Lebanon to working for seventeen years in Bord Failte/Failte Ireland in both Finance and Information Technology.

I graduated from UCD with an honour’s Bachelor of Commerce degree having ranked 18th place in a class of hundreds. I am a fully qualified Life and Business coach having trained in the ‘Centre for Professional and Personal Development’. I also studied Faster EFT with Robert G Smith (its creator) and have qualified as an NLP Practitioner with the Irish Institute of NLP – accredited by NLP’s creator Richard Bandler.

I am a member of the Life and Business Coaches Association of Ireland and I abide by its rules and ethics.

Having had an interest in the Self Development field since the age of fourteen, I took the plunge to ‘do what I love’ by leaving my day job and setting up Life Boss Coaching. However, I remain in a part time capacity as the Finance Director of Artefact Ltd.

My passion is helping people to be ‘the very best version of themselves’ and I revel in helping people transform their lives for the better – so that they can be ‘the boss of their lives!’

Contact me today by email or phone/sms/whats app: 087 222 9325