When you are in business it can certainly be more difficult than working for someone else. At the end of the day the responsibility rests at your door and if you don’t make your business work, you don’t make money!

You might also have the added stress of employing others and having their careers depend on you. It can be challenging to have all that responsibility and sometimes you can’t see the woods for the trees. There’s marketing and finance, planning and goal setting, targeting clients and sales, research and God knows what else, not to mention doing the actual business of your business. Add to that the joys of IT and legal requirements and no wonder you need help…

At LifeBoss Coaching I offer you the benefit of many years of experience in business. I hold an honours degree in Commerce and have worked in Finance and IT for nearly 20 years. I still hold the role of Finance Director in a graphic design company and a Property Development Company as well as being a Life and Business Coach.

Business Coaching allows you head space to get your priorities clear. Sometimes all you may need is a sounding board, just to get those thoughts out in the open. Sometimes you may need help in getting a concrete plan down on paper. Sometimes you might know what to do but you just need to overcome lack of motivation, fear of failure, procrastination or any of the myriad of bug bears that can stop us achieving all that we know we can achieve.

Whatever service you need, I am here to help. Years of experience and a common sense, down to earth approach will help you get your business moving again.