What exactly is coaching? Well, all of us have areas in our lives that we wish could be better. Sometimes something happens which urgently needs attention (you’ve lost your job) or sometimes it could be something that has been hanging over you for years (you’re unfit, overweight or romantically challenged). Life coaching allows you to sit down with a qualified coach and to take stock of your life either on specific issues as mentioned or in general – an overall view. The coach will lead you through powerful exercises and discussions that will allow you to get a clear picture of exactly where you currently are (and how you feel about it) and then to get a clear picture of where you want to be. Sometimes fixing one area of your life can positively affect many others. For example getting a new job can positively affect your finances, social life, career path, self-esteem etc.

Once you can clearly see where you are and where you want to get to, the coach will use various tools (the Wheel of Life, the GROW model, Tapping, NLP etc.) to assist you in developing a concrete step by step action plan to reach your goals. The coach is then there to assist you in carrying out that plan, motivate you, challenge you and support you. The process is easy, fun and effective.

You might even choose to make yourself ‘accountable’ to the coach, if you want to – sometimes having to ‘report’ to someone may motivate you. It’s up to you but, don’t worry, a coach is always kind and supportive and 100% on your side.

Business coaching is similar to life coaching but obviously focuses on helping a client achieve their business rather than personal goals.