Fun and recreation are important! There I’ve said it – and yet, how many of us realise this? We know we need to look after our work and our families and our bodies but what about ourselves from the ‘fun’ point of view? It’s not something that most people really ever examine in a ‘serious’ way yet it is vital to our overall well-being. We tend to expect fun and recreation to just happen – and when we were children, that is usually what did happen. There was always time to ‘play’. In fact ‘playing’ is nature’s way of teaching. See kittens chase each other and grab at the twine? They’re learning how to hunt. In fact if you watch any young animal playing, that’s essentially what’s going on – it’s learning what to do when it grows up.

Likewise playing is essential for children to learn life skills – socialising, co-operating, communicating etc. However it doesn’t just stop there. As adults we need fun in our lives too, we need to ‘re-create’ ourselves on a regular basis. As the saying goes ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ and it can take the shine off Jill too! Fun is hugely important for our mental health and is part of gaining that all important Work/Life balance.

How does having fun/recreation help? Well, apart from just helping us feel darn good, as ‘grown ups’ it helps us to relax, can help release ‘happy hormones’ (e.g. if you are exercising) and lets the mind rest and let go of our problems. Sometimes just the act of letting go of a problem from the conscious mind lets the subconscious solve the problem. You know how sometimes you can’t remember a name and then you forget all about trying to remember and then ‘bam’ it just pops right into your head? Well that’s the subconscious working…and that’s just one of the many benefits of letting go, relaxing and having fun.

At LifeBoss Coaching fun is taken seriously! And I can help you to sit down, take stock and to really look at how much fun you are really having in your life. Together we can go through what you like to do and coaching can help to reawaken your passion for it. I can help you figure out how to get more recreation time in your life and coaching can help you to go for it. As they say ‘a day without fun is like a day without sunshine’. Make sure you get your ration and if you need help, the fun starts here!