Ah L’amour! Where would the world be without it? However sometimes L’amour can be a pain in La butt – and that’s where LifeBoss can help.

It’s been said that no man is an island, and no woman is either. So if you are looking for a romantic relationship why not approach it like any other goal in your life? It’s important, right? And so you need to invest the time and effort into making it work. Sure, you could sit in night after night longingly looking at the phone and hoping that Mr or Ms Wonderful gives you a call – or you can get out there and make it happen.

In Life coaching on the ‘romance’ side of things the very first thing we look at are what are your values? What’s important to you? Let’s face it most of us would spend more time in figuring out what we want in a new car than in a new relationship!

That sort of stuff just happens, doesn’t it? Well…no. Just because you like the look of someone does not mean that they share your love of travel, your desire for success, your yearning for a family or indeed any of the other million and one other things that are important to each of us. Some things we are willing to compromise on (yes, you will settle for a semi-detached house rather than a detached) and some you will not (you mean you’ve been dating for a year and you’ve only just discovered that he never ever wants children?!!)

Once your non-negotiable values are established (yes, I know it’s not romantic but we are being practical here!) coaching can lead onto where to meet this wonderful being, how to behave when you are there, how to prepare for success and failure (it happens!) and how to dust yourself off and get back out there on the dance floor – or wherever it is you choose to strut your stuff.

Romance is magical and wonderful but it helps to build it on a firm foundation otherwise come the stroke of midnight it might all just turn into a pumpkin – and no one wants that to happen, do they?

So if you are looking for (or struggling with) Prince or Princess Charming give your fairy God Mother at LifeBoss a call and I’ll get the love potion ready!