One Small Step for Man…or Woman!

I’ve been thinking recently of the significance of small things. Well, small steps to be precise – and how under rated they are. When thinking of life changes the focus tends to be on ‘big changes’ or ‘giant steps’ (apparently what you take whilst ‘walking on the moon’). However, the idea of making a huge change or taking that giant leap can be daunting for most people. Maybe it might be better to think in terms of small steps in the vein of ‘eating the elephant one mouthful at a time’. Certainly in business when faced with an enormous project breaking the whole thing down to manageable tasks helps greatly – and, in fact, that’s how all work really is accomplished, whether we realise it or not. So likewise in life when you want to make a big change take that first little step – make that phone call, find out where that course is taking place, write that email, book that appointment. Then take the next small step and then the next. All teeny, weeny steps but they get the ball rolling – you just need to be sure it is rolling in the right direction. A few small steps taken upon ‘the road less travelled’ can quickly set you en route to a very different place from where you currently are, and with a bit of forethought and persistence, that place will be exactly where you want to be. How great! Small steps can lead to BIG changes.